* DEAFINITION @ HKU Make Space expo 2018

 * corridor @ HKU Make Space expo 2018

 DEAFINITION @ HKU Make Space expo 2018

 * DEAFINITION @ HKU Make Space expo 2018

The DEAFINITION project is the outcome of my research at the scenography master programme of Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht. This research was  a process of defining what I dubbed the ‘abstractive state of spectatorship’.


Abstractive spectatorship is a meditative state of mind, characterized by simultaneously being-there-and-perceiving and being-in-your-head-and-thinking. The spectator oscillates between an inner space and the outer world, taking bits from the unfolding spectacle and connecting these to the inner thoughts.


DEAFINITION is a scenographic installation where one can experience an abstractive state of spectatorship. It reduces a performance to a bare minimum. The installation consists of a corridor leading into a pitch-dark space and a projection on custom, light-sensitive synthesizers. It puzzles the visitor’s senses with light, sound and patterns to create a vibrant, mesmerizing live soundscape. Starting from an apparent chaos and ending in structure and order.


This installation is in flux. It is adapted to space and location and in continuous development.  Currently I’m researching the opportunities of directional sound in this installation.


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* picture by studio Lea Groeliker